Learn Italian - Easy Reader | Easy Listener | Parallel Text - Audio-Course No. 2Learn Italian | Audio & Reading, #2【電子書籍】[ Polyglot Planet ]

<p data-version='1.1'><strong>THE EASY READER -?ITALIAN AUDIO COURSE NO. 2</strong></p><p>EASY LISTENING - EASY READING - EASY LEARNING?</p><p/><p><strong>This is our ultimate learning course yet.</strong><br/>Are you relatively new to learning Italian or need to brush-up on your language skills? You wish to not only talk like a native, but also understand them clearly? Welcome to Polyglot Planet. We provide you with the <strong>right</strong> tools, <strong>energy</strong> and <strong>motivation</strong> for you to <strong>understand </strong>and <strong>speak Italian confidently.?</strong></p><p>Learn to <strong>speak Italian almost instantly</strong> with our “<strong>Easy Reader”</strong> texts and <strong>Easy Audio </strong>recordings. <strong>Without</strong> prior knowledge of grammar or sentence structures, you will learn how to use <strong>everyday Italian</strong> consistently and effectively. Not only that! You will also learn <strong>key vocabulary</strong>, <strong>phrases </strong>and <strong>conjugations </strong>in a structured environment, which is designed to help build you a <strong>solid foundation</strong> you will <strong>always remember</strong>.</p><p>With our “<strong>Learn Italian - Easy Reader | Easy Audio Parallel Text Courses</strong>” you will quickly master the listening and speaking skills needed to converse with a native. Our audio tutor you will help you perfect your pronunciation and you will even get a better grip of the grammar, whilst avoiding boring textbook material. You will be <strong>speaking Italian</strong> within minutes of taking our course!</p><p>Our material is <strong>enjoyable</strong>, <strong>current</strong> and <strong>made for you</strong>. <strong>Learning Italian</strong> can be <strong>lots of fun</strong> - so buy this now and start speaking Italian today</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。


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